EMC Content Management

Launch Content

You want your digital signage to look good on day one. Allied can help with that!

By using our custom designed graphics, you can show layouts that reinforce your brand while catching attention and engaging viewers. Our branded graphics let you choose from a standard set of layouts that we’ll add your logo to and 20 messages that we’ll tint to match your colors.

Our custom graphics are uniquely tailored to your style and preferences. We’ll consult with your communications team to get your look just right.

Both of our branded and custom graphics include our implementation services. We’ll load and prep them in your content manager, so you can concentrate on the message instead of the medium.

Content Refresh

Revitalize your screens so your audience doesn’t tune them out. Even though your content looks great, you have to change things up periodically to keep attracting attention.

We suggest a content refresh with a new branded or custom set of graphics at least every six months. This is also a good time to reconsider your content strategy. Are you using auto-updating content? Are you including call to actions? How are you measuring ROI? Our creative team can help with all of it.

Content Strategies

The key to successful digital signage is engagement. Your screens have to attract attention, involve your audience and motivate them to take action.

Our creative team will partner with our consultants to craft digital signage campaigns that draw in viewers and encourage them to act. We can create all types of custom content to keep your screens dynamic and appealing. Our experts can:

  • Craft custom layouts, messages, and media elements
  • Incorporate video, photos, games and more
  • Animate static logos, text, and graphics for more impact
  • Encourage audience participation with QR Tags, SMS Polls and more
  • Design custom wayfinding maps and directories to help direct visitors


Ready for Messages that won’t get ignored?

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Our vast range of services to help your business include electronic message centers, interior/exterior illuminated and non-illuminated signs, monuments, channel letters, awnings, service and repairs, LED conversions and more. Our goal is to help provide your business with a competitive edge and be noticed through attractive, long lasting signage.